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Candace Griffin

As a proud Central Florida native, and true connector, I’m driven by my passion to succeed while serving others. My commitment to participate in the community has enabled me to have a wonderful career in Real Estate, Self- Directed IRA’s, Private Capital, and Finance. Along the way I learned that not only do I love serving others, but I love solving problems others can’t. Finding creative ways to help investors fund deals the banks can’t has been very rewarding. It’s a “win-win”, the investor doesn’t miss out on an opportunity. The referring banker does not upset their client, and our rates are so reasonable they can use us until they are bankable again. Everyone wins. It’s a great feeling! Specializing in helping borrowers harness opportunities they would have otherwise missed out on through creative funding is very rewarding work!


If you find you can’t get a deal funded, please allow Griffin Investment Strategies, Florida’s Premier Commercial Lending Company, help you until you’re ready for the bank!

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