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If you can't find a lender for your commercial loan, then you haven't spoken to us.

We are a Direct Source of Capital! This means we do not broker out your requests! If we cannot fund it with our in-house sources, we will not shop your request around. We have a boutique firm representing a number of funding sources right here in Florida. Our capacity is over $300 million, and we are continually looking for deals to fund - we have a lot of capital to deploy!

We want you to know we can be very aggressive on your behalf in making deals work - all lending decisions are made in-house. Please bring anything you have to us, and we will sit down and take a look at it together and see if we can find a way to make it work!

Bank Turn Down, Residential Investment Properties, Land, Construction, Refi, Probate, Partner Buy Out, Foreign National, Non- Recourse Self-Directed IRA Loans and more
Commercial Loans
Bank Turn Down, Multifamily, Office, Hospitality, Industrial, Land, Construction, ALF, Medical, Retail, Non-Profit, Development, Non -Recourse Self - Directed IRA Loans and more

We offer a special loan program that other banks, credit unions and lenders do not. We also fund non-owner occupied loans for Foreign Nationals. Our programs are Asset Based Lending. We do not look at the borrower and absolutely NO DOCUMENTS! No credit reports, no 1003, no bank statements, no tax returns, and no sourcing funds.

FOREIGN NATIONALS OK! We have our own in-house attorney that handles all closings quickly. ANY COUNTRY - ANY PLACE!

We are commercial lenders - we do not lend to individuals. Lending decisions are made in-house so we can give you an answer quickly - no wasted time. Our special loan programs are second-to none - if you have been turned down by a bank or other lender, let us know we can help you find the best fit for your needs!

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